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  About Us

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GM Microtunnelling is a family owned and operated company in Perth, Western Australia. 

Our General Manager Gary Miller was the founder of Western Australia's first horizontal boring company (Horizontal Under Road Boring)
in the early 1970's.

Our History    

Starting out with the Grundomat Air Tool in 1974 with his father Jim Miller, Gary soon realised the demand in Perth for Horizontal Boring larger pipe diametres so purchased Auger Boring machines from America that were capable of boring up to OD 1600mm.
During this time Gary also tried his hand with Pipe Cracking up to OD 600mm and Pipe Ramming up to OD 600mm.
To keep up with technology and demand Gary now owns Slurry Microtunnelling machines that bore up to OD 800mm.

Gary has been in the boring and civil industries for 39 years and has vast knowledge and experience in trenchless technology.

Description of photo hereOur Business Today   

Working as both subcontractors and head contractors GM Microtunnelling specialise in sewerage, water and drainage works statewide.
We often work together with Project Engineers giving advice on planning and technical aspects of the project.

GM Microtunnelling has invested in the latest technology in boring by purchasing the Iseki range of Slurry Microtunnelling equipment.
With four complete systems in our fleet we can currently Microtunnell from 150mm to 800mm pipe to line and grade using PVC, concrete, VC, GRP and steel pipes.

The quality of our service is of upmost importance to us and as such we strive for this with quality management systems in place and an
ongoing development program for all personnel. Our personnel are fully trained in all aspects of trenchless technology.

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